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How Therapy with Julie Works

The way we were treated in childhood becomes a model for how we treat ourselves (and expect to be treated by others). Your pain, sadness, guilt, and fear are here to help you understand what went missing or wrong when you were little.

The kind of therapy I offer teaches clients how to give themselves the care and support they've always needed to feel secure and worthwhile. We may look at your past - not to wallow or blame - but to understand what you needed (and still need) to feel secure.

Then we brainstorm, coming up with new ways of caring for yourself and interacting with others. Between sessions, you can try out what you learn, seeing what really works, and what needs to be tweeked.

In the final phase of therapy, we do a lot of celebrating. As you tell me about your successes and new discoveries, you're actually doing the most important part of the work - consolidating and integrating change, so that it lasts.

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Julie Levin, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Traditional therapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, and Mind-Body techniques to relieve
anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, codependency, relationship problems
and the after-effects of childhood trauma or C-PTSD including emotional abuse and neglect.

Office appointments available in Pleasant Hill, CA, close to Walnut Creek, Concord, Lafayette, Benicia, and Martinez.
Tele-medicine or online-therapy sessions available to any resident of California.

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