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Therapy for Adults Recovering from Childhood Emotional Abuse or Neglect (C-PTSD)

Unlike PTSD, where there is usually one big, scary trauma like an accident or assault, C-PTSD happens when there are repeated experiences of helplessness over a period of time.

C-PTSD can occur with severe abuse. But you may never have been hit or touched inappropriately and still have C-PTSD. The key factor is whether you felt helpless to get your needs met OR could only get your needs met by being what they needed you to be (the hero, the scapegoat, the funny one, the helpless one...) rather than being loved and accepted for who you really are.

As children, we all depend on our parents' ability to recognize and respond effectively to our needs. If your parents were pre-occupied, dismissive, critical, unavailable, unsupportive or otherwise toxic, you may have C-PTSD.

Signs of C-PTSD

  • Feeling responsible for other peoples' feelings
  • Believing you are only lovable or valuable for what you do (instead of who you are)
  • Pleasing others at your own expense
  • Being perfectionistic and demanding of yourself
  • Being self-critical
  • Finding it difficult to trust others, need help, or show your true self to others
Therapy can teach you how to give yourself the understanding and acceptance you've always needed. You can learn to take care of yourself abundantly without guilt or shame. You can learn to set firm but kind boundaries with parents, siblings, or anyone who demands your time (tolerating their anger or disappointment without giving in). Then you can focus on building a life free of drama and full of peace.

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Julie Levin, licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Traditional therapy, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, and Mind-Body techniques to relieve
anxiety, depression, addictive behaviors, codependency, relationship problems
and the after-effects of childhood trauma or C-PTSD including emotional abuse and neglect.

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